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What We Do

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Fantasy Lama

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It is a simple and logical solution to a general problem in Fantasy Sports and Pre-Game Analytics.

Most sports enthusiasts realize there is an element of chance in every play...every at bat...or each goal.  This is only a fraction of each game's results.

Another elemental contributor is historical and conditional tendencies which are excellent planning tools for coaches to measure their squads, but they are definitely NOT the crystal ball to predict performance.  Especially in team sports.

Predictability on performance requires in-game experience and knowledge of strategy, which only former players and coaches can offer the general public.

This is how our service approaches Fantasy Sports and why we provide better results for our Subscribers!

The Fantasy Lama knows that the difference in Fantasy League success starts with assembling the right team.  Subscribers have access to a premier Fantasy Football analysis tool developed on a user-friendly platform for all ages, genders and experience levels, providing an advantage for all league structures.

After four years of scientific research and testing the program has gained total consciousness and is ready to enlighten future subscribers.

Ground-breaking Projections

Algorithms that apply 1,000,000 variables to each player's weekly projections.  Yes...1,000,000!



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