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Each period during the season of the various sports, our Analytics Team meets with our Expert 'Lama Coach-letes'TM to discuss the outcome of the Lama AlgorithmTM.

After the two groups have a consensus decision on the outcome, the estimated projections are posted on the website.

Our goal is to provide our consumers with an educated decision on which team or player will out perform the other in each contest.


ACCURACY = 2013 63% , 2014 67%


"...The point is that your draft tool works great, along with a few good pickups due to injuries.  I am looking good for the playoffs." - 11/25/13

* NOTE: The artificial intelligence performs at peak accuracy starting in Week 5 of the NFL season


Just like a professional business presentation, your team will connect to ours via WebEx to walk you through your draft, one player at a time, offering selective guidance. Novice or Advanced, clients can customize whether our team makes every executive selection while they sit back and watch, or exchange in-depth analysis in a timely fashion before the pick is made.​

DRAFT CONsulTation

Personalized Team Selection assistance aiding you through your live or offline draft selection process, one pick at a time, over the internet.



Coaching you through the entire process with the industries only projections developed by former players and coaches.


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